Sample Pages

Below are sample spreads. In the book, the content flows with the art. In total, the book is 60 pages and takes you through the entire Gospel of Luke, referencing the chapters and verses presented on each page. To receive a PDF review copy of the entire book, please fill out the contact form.

It happens!

Our story begins with angels and prophesies fulfilled. Gabriel, an angel from Heaven drops in to talk with Zechariah in the temple and then to Mary in the village of Nazareth. God will be gifting Zechariah and Elizabeth with a baby boy named John who will prepare the way for the Messiah. To Mary, the miracle of a virgin birth will happen and God will become flesh through her. “I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary says to the angel. “May it be as you said.”

It happens! Mary carries God in her womb as she and Joseph, now her husband go to Bethlehem. More angels appear and guide shepherds to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ the Savior, born in a lowly stable.

A few days later, on their way back to Nazareth, Mary and Joseph take Jesus to the Temple and right away Simeon and Anna know that this boy is the very Son of God.

We see Jesus at the Temple again as he is growing up. He loves being in the God’s house and he grows in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.

Luke 1-2

Gone fishing.

He finds his first disciples at the fishing docks. Don’t ask me why he goes there, but he does. He finds Peter, James, and John. Altogether, he’ll gather 12 men to walk closely by his side.

“You catch fish now, but follow me and you’ll catch men,” Jesus says.

They see and hear mighty things during the next few years.

Luke 5:1-11;27-32;6:12-16

Come, eat.

After those dramatic healings, Jesus sends out the 12 disciples to preach and heal like he showed them.

But Jesus is just getting started. His popularity expands widely.

People are starving for his words and his power. A crowd of more than 5,000 follow him to a place well away from the city. As he’s talking with them, the hour ticks closer to dinnertime and he knows everyone is hungry.

What is Jesus going to do now?

Of course he feeds them. He transforms five loaves of bread and two fish into a miraculous feast that feeds every person with leftovers for later!

Luke 9:1-17

Thank you.

That night Jesus talks with his disciples alone. He wants them to realize people are watching them.

“Make sure your actions don’t cause someone else to sin,” he says. “Watch yourselves and be aware that others are watching you. Have faith as much as a mustard seed and you will do impossible things! ”

The next day they start out for Jerusalem. Jesus always seems to go out of his way to help those who are not Jewish. So as he goes through a village near Samaria, 10 men with leprosy approach them.

“Jesus, Master, have mercy on us,” they shout.

“Go, and show yourselves to the priest,” Jesus says.

And, you know what? As they go away, they are healed!

One man can’t just leave. “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” he exclaims as he throws himself at Jesus’ feet.

“Only you come to praise God, yet I healed 10 of you,” Jesus asks. “Go, friend. Your faith has made you well.”

Luke 17:1-19

Find a lookout.

They enter Jericho and pass under some sycamore trees as the crowds become more thick. Jesus is always looking for the broken and this moment is no different. He looks up and sees a little man in one of the trees.

“Zacchaeus, I know you’re up there,” Jesus says, tilting his head to see up into the tree. “Get down and let’s go get something to eat.”

At the end of the day, Zacchaeus will follow Jesus. He had cheated so many people in his tax collecting business, but that is about to change. He listens to Jesus and God rearranges his priorities.

“I give half of everything to the poor,” Zacchaeus says, “and if I’ve been dishonest with anyone, I’ll give them four times the disputed amount.”

Jesus is amazed at his faith. “Today salvation has come to this house,” he says. “I’ve come to seek and save the lost, and to richly invite people like you into the kingdom of God.”

Before he says goodbye, he tells Zacchaeus a story about giving, stressing that his confidence needs to be in God, who will work in and through him to do so much more than Zacchaeus can imagine. 

Luke 19:1-27

The kiss of death.

In the distance, approaching quickly, is the sound of soldiers. They are led by a cowardly hunched over man named Judas. His only exit now is a dead end kiss that will identify Jesus.

Jesus stands his ground when they find him. “Judas, are you betraying the Son of Man with a kiss?” Jesus asks.  And so Judas does it, identifying Jesus to the guards by an intimate kiss on Jesus cheek.

“You can’t take Jesus away,” Peter exclaims with a sword raised. “He hasn’t done anything.” Peter then uses his sword to slice through a soldier’s ear.

“It’s over, Peter!” Jesus says putting his hand on his shoulder. He picks up the soldier’s bloody ear and heals the man. He stares into Peter’s eyes.  “It’s time,” he says.

Then he looks at the soldiers and priests who are there to arrest him. “I’m not leading a rebellion,” Jesus says. “I’ve been with you. Go ahead and take me in. I’m not going to fight you.”

Luke 22:47-53